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Drell are omnivorous reptile-like humanoids with dense muscle tissue, giving them a wiry strength. Their skin is infused with a venom mild enough to be served in drinks and may cause mild hallucinations on oral contact. Drell also possess eidetic memory, an adaptation to a world where they must remember the location of every necessary resource across vast distances. The memories are so strong that an external stimulus can trigger a powerful memory recall and these recalls are so vivid and detailed that some drell may mistake it for reality.

Homeworld Lost
The drell ancestors emerged from dry, rocky deserts on the barren world of Rakhana. Eight centuries ago, the already-arid drell homeworld began its swift descent into lifelessness due to disastrous industrial expansion. At the time, the drell lacked interstellar flight capacity, and with their population bursting at eleven billion, they faced certain doom.

It was around the 1980s CE that the hanar made first contact with the drell race. In the following ten years, the hanar would transport a total of 375,000 drell to the hanar homeworld, Kahje. The remaining billions left on Rakhana would perish on their dying planet, warring against each other for diminishing resources.

Servants of the Hanar
The debt of gratitude that the drell owe the hanar is referred to as the Compact, which the drell fulfill by taking on tasks that the hanar find difficult, such as combat. Any drell may refuse to serve, but as being requested to serve is a great honor, few turn down the offer. Some drell grow a close, personal relationship with the hanar, so much so that the hanar will even tell the drell their "soul name". Drell have adapted to communication with hanar by getting implants in their eyes to allow them to observe the bioluminescence the hanar use for communication.

Most drell are deeply religious, believing that they have souls separate from their bodies. They see death as a departure from the body, and they also state that a person's body and soul form a Whole. When the soul is traumatized or otherwise disrupted, or the body is ill or injured, a person is no longer Whole. They also believe that their body can be directed as a separate entity from themselves, thus, some drell take no responsibility when executing an order given by the hanar even if the order is an assassination.

The religion includes at least three gods which drell often pray to for guidance and protection:

Amonkira, Lord of Hunters
Arashu, Goddess of Motherhood and Protection
Kalahira, Goddess of Oceans and Afterlife.

Drell Names
Drell use given and family names.

Male Names: Chas, Drino, Hite, Hoskim, Lofo, Massa, Neta, Nitos, Ruyim, Tako, Tayu, Thane, Tumil, Yesit

Female Names: Ares, Arina, Ehanen, Ekire, Eshesnu, Inashe, Inukmel, Itheyl, Odrinne, Oshane, Ulanten, Uthoru

Family Names: Dreis, Feun, Futos, Keas, Krios, Kuun, Mout, Soas, Shuit, Suul, Thatos, Yeos
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