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Former automatons build by the quarians to function as soldiers and laborers, geth are constructs that have unintentionally consciousness and sentience. Geth, meaning "servant of the people" in the quarian language of Khelish, are fundamentally different than other constructs and are designed with humanoid thought and emotion in mind. Geth think, feel, and experience the world in a totally unique way.

The Morning War
"Does this unit have a soul?" asked the geth. That question would change the relationship of quarians and geth forever. The quarians responded with an attempted termination of all geth. The newly sentient geth resisted the genocide of their masters in a war dubbed "the Morning War". As many geth were designed as tools of war, the quarians were quickly and easily defeated. Because the constructs were acting out of self-defense, when the enemy began retreating from their homeland of Rannoch, the geth did not pursue and allowed their masters to leave in peace.

Incomprehensible Mind
Geth minds are quite anomalous. As they were designed to follow predetermined steps and commands, and with their minds powered from a centralized network, their way of thinking is essentially unique and different than the chaotic organic minds of humanoids. Their thoughts can be compared to a program or process which systematically follows steps to come to a conclusion, run many times in different ways until the geth comes to a consensus of the correct course of action. Geth do not experience emotion or desire - not in the same way a humanoid does, anyway. Additionally, due to their innate ability to network with other geth, geth see themselves as a unit of a larger and more complex whole and even the individual processes that make up a single geth as being equal constituents that contribute to that geth unit.

Beyond the Veil
Geth primarily remain in the Perseus Veil: huge nebula of opaque gas and dust that separates geth space from the Terminus Systems. They live in peace, but some geth find themselves seeking knowledge of what is beyond their realm. The primary motivation of the geth who leave Rannoch is to acquire and compile information, though some geth pursue other quests.

Geth Names
Geth received true intelligence with the uploading of Legion's code to the rest of the Geth. This means that each unit is an individual and thus are taking names.

Geth Names: Armada, Army, Batallion, Brigade, Cabal, Caucus, Congregate, Coterie, Guild, Horde, Host, Legion, Myriad, Phalanx, Proletariat, Throng, Troop, Union

'Individual' Geth Names: Alpha, Apex, Beta, Centurion, Enigma, Eternity, Genesis, Obelisk, Oblivion, Omega, Oracle, Pinnacle, Terminus, Vortex, Zenith
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