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The hanar are a genderless species resembling Earth's jellyfish and are one of the few non-bipedal Citadel races. The hanar homeworld, Kahje, has 90% ocean cover and orbits an energetic white star, resulting in a permanent blanket of clouds. Hanar are known for their strong religious beliefs regarding the Protheans, whom they call "the Enkindlers". Hanar are extremely polite, almost to a fault. They never refer to themselves in the first person with someone they know on a face name basis: to do so is considered egotistical. Instead, they refer to themselves as "this one," or the impersonal "it." Even when flustered or angry, a hanar will still maintain exquisite poise and will remain formal even with those it wishes dead.

Due to the presence of Prothean ruins on Kahje, the hanar have developed a religion centered on the ancient species, calling them the "Enkindlers". The hanar practice a religious holiday called Nyahir or "First Cresting Bloom" which lasts a full thirteen days and revolves around celebrating the gift of speech, which they attribute to having come from the Enkindlers. It is a mixture of contemplation and competition, with the faithful engaged in stylized debates, poetry duels, and other traditional hanar art forms. The winners of these events have their names inscribed in bio-luminescence on the side of Mount Vassla, an underwater volcano at the heart of one of the oldest Prothean ruins on Kahje.

The Compact
Several hundred years ago, the hanar made contact with the drell on their nearby homeworld of Rakhana. Drell society was quickly collapsing due to overpopulation and warring over scarce resources, so the hanar rescued several hundred thousand drell and brought them to Kahje, where they integrated into hanar society with the remaining drell dying out. Now the drell serve as a client race of the hanar, and although to outside observers the relationship can be construed as a form of slavery, the reality is very different. Drell have integrated with every level of hanar society, and most consider it an honor to serve a hanar family in a tradition referred to as the Compact. Many drell become unofficial members of the family, and some even earn the privilege to learn their masters' "soul names".

Language of Lights
The hanar communicate using sophisticated patterns of bioluminescence and speak with scrupulous precision and extreme politeness. Other species need machine assistance to translate, though many drell apply genetic modification to their eyes in order to perceive higher frequency flashes which allows them to understand the hanar. Most hanar take offense at improper language and must take special courses to unlearn this tendency if they expect to deal with other species.

Hanar Names
The hanar have two names, a "face name" and a "soul name." The face name is used as a general label for use by strangers and acquaintances. The soul name is kept for use among close friends and relations and tends to be poetic.

Face Names: Anrynder, Delanynder, Ellanpo, Hymydwhyn, Lopyldis, Malvyll, Opold, Sedlyner, Tolystoyl, Wynold, Zymandis

Soul Names: Burns Brightest when the Foam Blooms, Casts Shadow on the Sun Flower, Emancipates the Tide from those that Pull, Heeds only to the Inner Lights, Illuminates the Folly of the Dancers, Regards the Works of the Enkindlers in Despair, Transforms the Stone into Water
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