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Humans are generally seen to be very intelligent, abnormally ambitious, highly adaptable, individualistic and thus, unpredictable. They have a powerful desire to advance and improve themselves and do so with such assertion that the normally staid Council races have been taken aback by their restlessness and relentless curiosity.

New Horizons
Human space exploration began in earnest in the late 21st century. In 2069 CE, Armstrong Outpost in Shackleton Crater on Luna was founded as humanity's first extraterrestrial settlement. In 2103, the European Space Agency established Lowell City in Eos Chasma on Mars, paving the way for additional settlements and scientific outposts throughout Sol. In 2148, human explorers on Mars uncovered a long-ruined Prothean observation post, with a surviving data cache that proved Protheans had studied Cro-Magnon humans millennia ago. Discovering information on a mass relay orbiting Pluto, explorers managed to open the Charon Relay and discovered it led to Arcturus.

First Contact
Humans first came to the attention of the galactic community after a brief but intense conflict with the turians, known by humans as the First Contact War. As a consequence of the System Alliance's swift and decisive action during the First Contact War, the Alliance became the representative and supranational governing body of humanity. Since then, humans have rapidly risen in prominence. Humanity continued to expand to unclaimed star systems on the edge of Citadel space, which eventually led to competition with the batarians.

Systems Alliance
The Systems Alliance holds sway over much of the human race, but not all fall under its banner. A few colonies on the fringes of known space are founded on principles of independence, and Earth still has nation-states that administer to their own territories. To the galaxy at large, though, nonhumans are always under the perception that Earth is a unified political entity represented by the Alliance.

Galactic Relations
The Systems Alliance has had an embassy on the Citadel since 2165. Many other species dislike humans' sudden ascendancy compared to their status as relative newcomers on the galactic stage. Some species feel that humanity is overly expansive in its colonization efforts and aggressive attempts to advance its position in galactic affairs. It took other species centuries to achieve what humanity has done in decades.

Human Names
Having so much more variety than other races, humans as a whole have no typical names.
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