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Forced out of their homeland by sapient constructs of their own creation, quarian are exiled nomads that now sail the seas in search of a new homeland.

Exotic Fashion
Identifying a quarian is easy. All quarians wear enviro-suits, which are multipurpose outfits that protect them from foreign pathogens and diseases as well as acting as spacesuits for scavenging or repair of shuttles. Rannoch's ecosystem featured symbiotic microorganisms that aren't found anywhere else in the galaxy. Thus, when the quarians were exiled, they were also burdened to life in a suit.

The enviro-suits have moved beyond function, however, and into their culture. A quarian is rarely, if ever, seen without their suit and helmet, and when they return from their pilgrimage as adults, they are expected to modify their suit to fit their personal reflection of their status as a productive member of the Flotilla.

Exiles of their Own Creations
Quarians have a long and deep history with creating constructs known as "Geth," meaning "Servant of the People". These constructs were built to serve and protect the quarians, and most quarian families had at least one servant, while the quarian military consisted of these autonomous beings.

The quarians sought to constantly improve their creation with more advanced virtual intelligence so they could complete increasingly complex tasks. These improvements lead to the geth's sapience and they began to question their masters. The quarians attempted to exterminate them, but after forming so much dependence on the geth, the quarians were swiftly defeated. With many exterminated, the remaining quarians fled their homeland of Rannoch.

Cybernetic Improvements
Though the quarians have abandoned their long history of construct and VI creation, they put their knowledge of engineering and technology into their own bodies to augment themselves. These augments are crafted by artisans who have descended from or studied under those who originally worked with or programmed the geth. The implants themselves are normally small, no larger than the size of a palm, and when properly inserted give the quarian enhanced ability compared to those without. A quarian chooses an augment before they leave for the Pilgrimage, and the implantation of the device is part of their sending off ceremony.

Migrant Fleet
The nomads travel together in a collective of ships known as the Flotilla or the Migrant Fleet and consists of those who escaped death by the geth. The Flotilla contains over fifty thousand vessels collectively that travel the galaxy strip-mining and harvesting resource to keep the fleet afloat. Some ships decide to depart the fleet to pursue their own goals but normally return to the fleet.

When young quarian rejoin the flotilla after their pilgrimage, they are expected to join the crew of another vessel to ensure genetic diversity of an already small population.

The Pilgrimage
During quarian adolescence, they are subjected to a rite of passage known as the pilgrimage. When young adulthood is reached, quarians are expected to leave the Migrant Fleet and experience life outside of their culture. To rejoin the flotilla, the young quarian must bear a gift to the captain of a new vessel. This gift can be tangible, such as resources, or intangible such as information. Most quarian operatives are those on their pilgrimage, though there are those who decide never to return to the fleet or those who were rejected from rejoining.

Quarian Names
Quarian names are composed of three parts: the quarian's given name and family name separated by an apostrophe, and the name of their vessel preceeded by a title - "nar" to denote their birth ship and "vas" to denote their post-pilgrimage ship. For example, nar Rayya or vas Neema.

Male Names: Golo, Han, Hilo, Kal, Kar, Keenah, Kenn, Lemm, Les, Prazza, Rael, Seeto, Shio, Veetor, Ysin, Zaal, Zer

Female Names: Ceni, Daro, Elan, Feda, Jura, Laele, Lia, Meeri, Minn, Reen, Saesa, Shala, Shuni, Tali, Yosi, Zohe,

Family Names: Breizah, Dannah, Gazu, Gerral, Hodda, Jaa, Koris, Leth, Mal, Mekk, Nara, Raan, Reegar, Shaal, Shiya, Vael, Xen, Zorah

Vessel Names: Honorata, Idenna, Moreh, Neema, Novarra, Qwib Qwib, Rayya, Tesleya, Tonbay, Ulnay, Usela

Special Note: The Quarians have teamed with the Geth to reestablish Rannoch as their homeworld.
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