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Salarians are a warm-blooded amphibious species from a jungle known as Sur'Kesh. The salarian possess a super-charged metabolism which causes them to function at a much higher speed than other races while requiring less rest. Additionally, they have an exceptional capability for observation, recollection, and innovation. They are constantly tinkering, experimenting, inventing, and researching and value intelligence and knowledge above all else.

Hyperactive Metabolism
The speed at which a salarian metabolizes is a marvel of evolution. The race only requires only one hour of sleep a night, and still, they have more energy and alertness than other races. Everything a salarian does seems to be faster. They talk fast, think fast, move fast, eat fast, and even sleep fast. The large amount of available energy has advanced their intellectual capabilities. They need near constant stimulation for their fidgety, active bodies.

Boredom, the Mother of Invention
Salarians minds are constantly racing at miles per minute, and without proper mental stimulation, a salarian becomes bored. Tinkering and experimenting are natural solutions to a restless mind. The ability to plow through ideas, situations, and possibilities makes them natural inventors. Salarians have perhaps some of the most advanced technology, especially in electronics and engineering, but a salarian can become an expert at whatever craft he puts his mind to.

Knowledge is Power
Invention is not the only outlet of a salarian's mind. As many as those who invent prefer to gather information and knowledge. Observation, research, study, and espionage are other areas at which salarians tend to excel. A photographic memory with a high capacity for information makes salarians who dabble in information trading very skilled and valuable. Knowledge gained from a salarian is highly prized as nearly infallible, and so these trades are viable life paths.

One Mother Among Sons
Salarian reproduction is curious in that fertilized eggs hatch as females and unfertilized eggs hatch as male. According to ancient societal codes and law, fertilization of eggs is strictly regulated and thus 90% of the population is male. Romantic and sexual relationships are nearly nonexistent among salarian, and any sexuality is strictly for reproduction. As females are so rare, they normally stay within salarian colonies where they possess positions of political power in a complex matriarchal government.

Matriarchal Feudalism
Salarians have a layered system of government, ultimately ruled by a matriarch known as a dalatrass, with her daughters serving in noble positions beneath her. A noble family headed by the dalatrass controls a massive territory known as a march that is further divided into duchies, baronies, and fiefdoms. Dalatrasses and their noble matrilinear lines will make political alliances with other families through interbreeding. A salarian is loyal through a biological process known as imprinting to their parents and to their dalatrass, which keeps the feudal society stable.

Intense Curiosity
Despite imprinted loyalty to their family and dalatrass, male salarians are free to leave the colony at any time. Females, however, due to their noble blood and political power, almost always stay within the confines of salarian territories, though some do venture out for other political positions such as ambassadors or emissaries. Salarian curiosity and pursuit of knowledge often lead them past the jungles of Sur'Kesh, if even only for a brief time. Many find new lives far from Sur'Kesh, though they rarely truly abandon their family and dalatrass.

Salarian Names
Salarian names are quite complex. A full name includes - in order - the name of a salarian's march, duchy, barony, fiefdom, family, and finally, the given name. However, few salarians use their full name unless necessary and prefer to go by their family and given name.

Example Full Names: Rannadril Ghan Swa Fulsoom Karaten Narr Eadi Bel Anoleis, Gorot II Heranon Mal Dinest Got Inoste Ledra

Given Names: Beelo, Chorban, Esheel, Ish, Jarroth, Jarun, Jondum, Kallo, Kirrahe, Maelon, Mordin, Morlan, Padok, Palon, Rentola, Schells, Solik, Tazzik, Tolan, Valern, Zevin

Family Names: Aenarth, Aulaw, Bau, Erkoln, Faergow, Gurji, Heplorn, Inoste, Irheth, Jath, Jowar, Marhall, Raeka, Sernik, Solus, Tann, Vass, Venirn, Vodol, Wiks, Yosann
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