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A highly militaristic race, turians are a force to be feared. These warriors are easily distinguished by an appearance containing a strange mix of insectoid and avian features. The turian army is substantial, and every member of the turian race is obligated to attend combat training in adolescence. Even citizens and artisans are foes to be reckoned with. Despite such an emphasis on combat, however, turians are an honorable and noble race.

Discipline and Honor
The entire turian culture revolves around a strict code of conduct which highly emphasizes strong discipline and personal responsibility. Turians are highly inclined towards self-sacrifice and will put the good of society over their own personal desires. As such, they are passionate about public and social service and make poor merchants and entrepreneurs. They are taught to own their decisions, good or bad, and if confronted with accusations it is considered heinous to lie about their actions. Because of this, many races attribute to them a "turian honor" seen rarely outside the turian race.

Proud Warrior Race
At the center of turian society is their military. Turians are sent to basic training in their teenage years and are obligated to serve time in the military, if physically able. This develops respect for authority as well as imparting control and restraint among the turians. Though some turians do not continue their service in the armed forces, they continue to serve their community through other branches of the military which serve the whole by providing public services.

Hierarchal Meritocracy
Turian government is entwined with its military, as so many parts of society are. There are tiers of citizenship, with the lowest being a regular citizen, often held by client races and children, climbing all the way up to the Primarchs which lead each turian colony. Lower ranking citizens are expected to obey and support superiors while higher ranking ones are expected to lead and protect lower ranks. Promotion to a new tier is based on personal ability and merit and are given due to assessments from one's superiors.

Despite the ranked structure, turians entertain many freedoms as long as they perform their duties and do not infringe on others freedoms or responsibilities.

Reflective Carapace
The homeland of the turians, Palaven, has a high level of solar radiation. Turians have evolved semi-metallic carapaces that reflect the dangerous radiation, protecting their inners from the solar rays. These exoskeletons, however, do not protect the turian from physical damage such as wounds and do not provide any natural armor.

Mission or Desertion
Most Turians who leave Palaven or another colony do so by order of their superiors to accomplish special missions. Some, however, abandon the society for various reasons, most commonly a desire for freedom from the unyielding law and command. Those who desert their military post or other assigned position are exiled from Palaven, as this is seen as the ultimate betrayal.

Turian Names
Turians are given personal names by their parents and take on a family name. High-ranking turian officers also include their title in their names, either in addition to their full names or as a replacement of their personal name. Sometimes turians go by their family name only.

Male Names: Adrien, Avitas, Castis, Chellick, Corinthus, Desolas, Garrus, Illo, Jacobus, Joram, Kuril, Lantar, Lilihierax, Lorik, Macen, Mehrkuri, Nihlus, Quentius, Sapartus, Saren, Septimus, Tarquin, Tiran, Tonn, Venari,

Female Names: Abrudas, Aciia, Aemicida, Alta, Banrae, Caevea, Cicean, Duronea, Iciria, Juteia, Nyreen, Orinia, Pliras, Quidas, Selone, Sidera, Sipia, Valevas, Vetra

Family Names: Actus, Arterius, Barro, Kandros, Kryik, Nazario, Nyx, Oraka, Pallin, Qui'in, Rix, Sidonis, Talid, Vakarian, Victus, Vyrnnus
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