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The vorcha originate from Heshtok, a small, hostile, overcrowded planet which has been largely stripped of natural resources by successive generations of this fast-breeding, savage species. The lack of resources has resulted in a tight-knit, clan-based society in which rival clans wage constant war against one another for control of scarce resources. Even as their population grows, the vorcha constantly fight each other in fierce competition over basic necessities. This incessant warfare has made each generation of vorcha stronger and more aggressive than that which preceded it, but their continual lack of resources has kept vorcha society extremely primitive.

Non-differentiated cells
The vorcha are known for a rather unique biology: they have clusters of non-differentiated cells, similar to those found on the planarian worm of Earth. These cells allow the vorcha limited regenerative abilities, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to its environment, such as developing thicker skin after being burned or increased musculature to survive in high gravity. When a vorcha is injured or in distress, these cells move to the affected area and rapidly (~1 week) mature to specialized forms that will alleviate the issue.

Clan Violence
Vorcha society is built around combat. In fact, the vorcha use combat, both individually and in groups, as their default form of communication. The vorcha are a clan-based people who prefer living in communal environments with others of their species to living alone or in the company of alien races. When a clan population grows too large, younger members will depart to start a new clan elsewhere. The vorcha are extremely aggressive, both against rivals of their own species and against any alien who stands in their way. Vorcha who have managed to escape their homeworld have a tendency to occupy uninhabited areas of space stations or larger spaceships.

Vorcha Names
Like their lifespans, vorcha names are brutal and short.

Male names: Besk, Drent, Dist, Flesk, Grank, Grote, Gryll, Jerst, Kreete, Shisk, Tirst, Tregg,

Female names: Ast, Brytt, Eesk, Fleeg, Ift, Ish, Keet, Kiv, Pash, Pritt, Shate, Tath
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